Friday, December 14, 2012

What I like about google docs

At GSIS we are encouraged to use google docs with our students. I have found many things I like about google docs. Here are a few:
  • Google docs is quite easy to use. If you can use any word processing program, spreadsheet program, and presentation program, you can use google docs. I have also made a switch between Apple's Pages, Keynote and Numbers and the Microsoft Office package this year. I find switching between those products more difficult.
  • When my students are working on their documents, I can easily pop in and give them instant feedback.
  • Peer editing is simple.
  • Collaborative work for students or teachers is a snap. Numerous users can be in one document at the same time without conflicts.
  • It's free!
I'm looking forward to exploring other features of google docs as I use it more and more.


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