Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Let them max out the resources

Apple is doing the following things right right now at ADE2013 to see that the new ADE community maximizes and internalizes learning.
  1. Encourage friendships.
  2. Allow free play time. 
  3. Take care of basics – sleep, food, potty breaks and bug spray.
  4. Make the environment pleasant. 
  5. Celebrate failures.
  6. Provide frequent documentation of learning.
  7. Allow the students to teach.
  8. Let them max out the resources.
  9. Create lessons in which the hardest work of the day is reflecting, not memorizing facts and figures.
  10. Instill in learners the knowledge that you are taking care of them.

If they forget what day it is, you are probably doing a good job.

8. Let them max out the resources.


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