Friday, August 19, 2011

welcome to twitterville, tweets allowed

Today we had our first day using twitter in world religion class. It was an experiment. I had six of 20 students who had devices capable of tweeting. I also had a student at my laptop taking down notes and I think we might have audio as well. Students were doing presentations. Those without electronic devices were to take some handwritten notes, but primarily pay attention.

The biggest difference that I noticed in the class was that it felt like we were all working together to capture the information. Each group had time to present a rather impromptu summary of about two pages of information on a traditional religion. We were comparing and contrasting religions of Papau New Guinea, Aborigine religions, Native Americans, etc....

The classroom felt alive. It wasn't perfect. There were glitches and it felt clunky, but there's something gratifying about being about to point to a twitter feed and say, "This is what we learned together today."


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