Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proof of learning, no test required

It's summertime and teachers around the world are wondering if they gave enough summer reading and how much brain drain will happen during the summer months. Two very different sentiments I have seen about summer learning are 1) that students don't learn during the summer and that eventually parents will demand a type of mandatory summer learning experience different from the standard "summer reading list" and 2) a very different view that a different type of learning takes place in the summer.

Much as I wish I had all the answers and could prove that, yes, all of my students are actively engage in significant learning - beyond how many ounces of sunscreen an average body needs - it is enough for me to have some concrete evidence that at least one of my (former) students is spending some time at worthwhile learning, of her own choice, extending the discussion we had in class last April to her summer in Miami, Florida.

Photo c/o Mika & her awesome blog
And so I present the blog of Mika A., an extraordinary student to be sure, but if we aren't even capturing the extraordinary students, we have no chance of capturing their less naturally curious peers.

Next fall when I teach my World Religion course again, I will be sure to make a visit to Mika's blog post a part of our learning.


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