Friday, April 15, 2011

Toward TechX2011

Bangkok has a great community of professionals interested in educational technology. When I first came to Bangkok in 1999, I became involved with this community. I was new to the world of educational technology and looking to grab onto whatever was available. Twelve years later and I continue to work on finding new ways to integrate the ever-changing world of web tools into my teaching. I did take several years off to stay home with my young son, during which time I finished my Masters of Education with an emphasis in Information Technology.

Formal programs, are, however, often slow to respond to change. So I found in 2004-2005, disappointed as many of my colleagues were still learning about webquests and html. The world of technology changes rapidly, and as an educator attempting to effectively use technology, my methods and plans must be malleable to respond to changes quickly. This requires diligence, research, and a commitment to try new things.

April 15 marks the first day of the "unconference" for TechX2011 and the first day for this blog. With the start of this blog, I will remind myself of the need to be continue to integrate more meaningful technology use into my teaching and learning.

After all, I ask my students to do so.

On toward TechX2011. Here's to teaching and learning!


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